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Welcome to my blog, I am hoping to blog occasionally about the interesting world of flowers and floristry. I have always loved being around flowers and more recently enjoyed growing flowers and plants in my garden or on my allotment plot. Like many people a change of outlook happened around 18 months ago and without dwelling on the past I thought about what I really loved doing and it was then that I recognised I was in love with all things floral. Motivated to do something for myself (after a lifetime of caring for others, that never stops by the way) I immersed myself in learning about flowers and foliage from choosing the blooms to preparation and presentation the arrangements to others.

I have found some aspects of the flower world quite difficult such as access to formal floristry course. Having contacted several different horticultural colleges to specify and interest to find the courses have been cancelled due to lack of participants or just lack of funding.

Experiential learning has been extremely important to me. I have gained knowledge and experience from working florists whilst working for free or volunteering in shops and local businesses and I will be eternally grateful for the support and expertise of the florists who have shared their skills with me. I have also attended exceptional floral courses both locally and nationally run by expert florists and floral designers who are passionate about their art and passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with others. This has been invaluable and immensely humbling for me to learn from these wonderfully talented masters of floristry.

Flowers and foliage (lets not forget the foliage) can send you to somewhere or someone in your past, they can also brighten a dull day and can even make new memories for the future. Scent, colour sight, can all be evocative, for example hyacinths remind me of my school days, warm spring days when a few hyacinths growing on the window sill produced the pleasant heady perfume that filled the classroom. The sight and smell of cream freesias reminds me of my wedding day (many moons ago) and deep red roses remind me of loved ones no longer with us. All these scents are welcome and enjoyed. I do however accept that some people enjoy flower scent less but each to their own, it would not do for us all to be the same. There are so many differing scents ranging from delicate cherry blossom or lilac to the powerful scent of lilies that there is literally a scent to please everyone.

So with spring upon us and the wonderful colours, scents and sights of daffodils, ranunculus and tulips to name a few , go on.... rediscover the beauty of flowers and foliage at this time of the year......enjoy and see you soon. Flo.

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